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Our Upcoming Litters

If you are interested in reserving a puppy from either of our upcoming litters,
 please contact us directly at 704-279-5743 or 
Breeder always reserves the right to keep 1st pick puppy ofeither sex of any litter at any time. All puppies sold from this kennel will carry our kennel name. Their paperwork name will have to start with whatever letter we are on.

Fritz and Xena
Due Mid Oct.
OFA Excellent and Good..
Tails will be docked.
Our "RR" Litter

This is going to be an awesome litter. Both dogs are absolutley gorgeous with beautiful heads and very wide short muzzles. 
We are not taking any more deposits on this litter until we see how many puppies we have.

Ace & Jamie-lee 
Due Mid Oct.
This is our "SS" Litter
​Tails will be docked.

This litter will be awesome with big bone and great heads. Both dogs are ball driven and have willingness to please..
We are not taking any more deposits on this litter until we see how many puppies we have.

Fritz & Rada 
Due Late Oct
Our "TT" Litter
Fritz has excellent hips. 
Rada has good hips.
Tails will be docked.
Not taking any more deposits on this litter until we see how many puppies we have.

This litter will produce big headed rotties with awesome temperaments. Both Dogs have awesome temperaments and awesome heads. Should be very balanced puppies.  
Click here to see the puppy pedigree..

Otis & Fury 
Due Late Oct
​Our UU litter.
​Both dogs are OFA Excellent! 
This litter will have the natural tail..

This litter will be outstanding. This litter will be line-bred 3/4 generation on the Astor Von Junipera dog. This cross should produce dogs with big heads and awesome temperaments.  ​​We have puppies available in this litter.
Click here to see the puppy pedigree..
Our Planned Breedings
These are our planned breedings for 2018

Fritz & Hannah
This will be a repeat breeding.​
Fritz is OFA excellent.
Hannah is OFA good.
Tails will be docked.

These puppies will be nothing less than amazing. Our last Hannah/Fritz  was fantastic with big heads and awesome temperaments. We have puppies available in this litter.
We offer 100% breeder support and encourage our buyers to stay in contact with us on the development of their puppy and ask us any questions about their new puppy when they feel the need to do so. Your questions are always welcome whether you are having a problem or just need advice on training or feeding tips. We take our customer care very seriously and will do our very best to return missed phone calls or emails with 24 hours.
If you have decided to purchase a new family member from Gold Hill Rottweilers Kennels, here are some important steps to follow to get you started.
1. Call or email us first to check availability as availability can change daily.
2. Young or unborn puppies require a deposit to be held for you. If a suitable puppy is not available from the litter you selected we will gladly place your deposit on another litter. Your deposit will not expire and is good for any future litter.  Deposits are non-refundable.
3. Balance must be paid in full(cash only) when puppy is picked up and is 8 weeks of age, no exceptions...
4. At 8 weeks of age, puppies are ready to be picked up at our facility or shipped via the airlines. Puppies must be picked up by 8 weeks old or other expenses will be applied to the balance. This charge would be for shots, boarding fees and food fees. Arrangements must be made before the puppy reaches 8 weeks old.
5. Buyers are responsible for all airline fees and the necessary health certificates and crate for shipping their new puppy.
a.) We sell show quality Rottweiler Puppies with a 2 year hip and a health guarantee.
b.) All puppies come up to date on shots and will be de-wormed before going to their new homes.
c.)We also dock tails and remove  back dewclaws for all litters unless otherwise posted.
d.) Our pedigrees speak for themselves as far as the quality of the parents.
e.) We take all steps we can to ensure we are breeding quality, and we stand behind our Rottweiler puppies100%. Please read our contract to see exactly what we cover.
f.) Gold Hill Kennels understands things come up in our lives that would prevent you from getting your new puppy. If something would come up and prevent you from getting your new puppy, all payments made to Gold Hill Kennels is NON REFUNDABLE , but can be transferred to any upcoming litters.
Thank you for your interest in our babies., Gold Hill Kennels, Rottweilers, Rottweiler breeders, puppies, rottweiler puppies for sale,